Meet the Artist

Hello and thank you for stopping by!

I am a Grand Rapids based photographer that specializes in natural light portraits. Over the past few years I have developed a love for capturing the smaller details in life: a girl's face as they laugh, the expression on a players face as he makes a catch, or even a smiling family bonded together for a photograph. While I love coming up with unique poses for my clients, my most prized images are the ones naturally captured. My style when shooting is laid back and care free. My job is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable and have fun! I have experienced so many of these special memories and hope to capture many more.

As a mother of three children and avid fan of sports, I began my journey photographing various different players and teams--more often than not I would find myself watching those games through the lens, unable to put the camera down. Now my love for photography has spread into other aspects of my life. It's not as much a job as it is a passion. I specialize in seniors, sports and family photography. My goal is to provide a caring and energetic experience, with a strong commitment to create beautiful images which you can enjoy for a lifetime.

I hope to speak with you soon!

My Favorite Things